Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lunch at Sam's

We ran errands today and stopped at Sam's Club for lunch. The girls and I love the pretzels there. Today, Georgia ate almost all of Daddy's pizza. So we had to take a picture!
Then everybody needed a silly picture!
Daddy had to eat Georgia's pretzel since she ate his pizza!
Mommy loving her Cherry Coke.
My precious girls!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Basketball game

Brought my mom to this game.
Trying to get a good family pictures for Christmas. No such luck!
Pretty girls! Primping in the bathroom.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving at our house with my family this year.
My parentsGeorgia, she pulls her skirts up around her armpits. Good thing we make her wear pants underneath!
Me and my sister

Santa Hats

Entertaining the kids and exercising the dogs

Georgia saw a dog leash and wanted to take the dog for a walk. It was dark so we played inside. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was walking whom! They ran around the house for an hour. It was adorable!Georgia leading Saddie (my mom's dog)
Emma following Sanford (our dog)
Georgia in control of Saddie, for the moment
Emma running Sanford
Georgia giving Sanford love for a good job walking.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Georgia dress up

Georgia loves to dress up. She has been putting on necklaces on since she was 8-months-old! She has been trying to wear dress up shoes. She can get them on, but she can't walk in them. Recently she discovered that she can just wear one shoe and still get around. She is so proud!

Fantastic Friday

We had a great time playing at Bishop Park's Gymnastics Gym. Emma had to wear her ballet outfit because she wanted to look like her cousin Ireland who competes at gymnastics. She was so busy running around, this is the only picture I got of her.
Georgia just started sliding by herself so she loved this part of the gym.
This is the first time she has been to Fantastic Friday and she had a blast.
Can you tell she liked jumping on the trampoline? She really wants to be able to jump on the ground, but she can't break gravity yet. So she loves anything that makes her bouncy.

Georgia is 18-months-old

Yea! My baby is 18-months-old! So of course we had a photo shoot. Here she is with Sanford.
I had a hard time getting her to look at me, so I put her Christmas present (the little chair she is in) in her room. She got so excited, I could barely get her out of the chair. Then I hid it because it is really for Christmas. When I put her to bed, she kept looking for the chair. It was so cute.
Beautiful girl.
She loves to wrestle with daddy. Anytime Emma is playing rough with Dad, she runs over and body slams them. It is pretty funny!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New calling

My family came to church with us today because I got a new calling. Primary President. I am really excited to work with the kids and all the Primary adults. I am worried because I have never done this before. I am hopeful because I know the Lord will bless me and my family.
We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We don't have any paid clergy, so members of the congregation do the work that keeps the church running. The Primary President is responsible for children 18 months to 12 years old. During the second and third hour of church, the children have class time, music time, etc.
I attended Primary as a child and I have a testimony of the positive influence it can have on a child. I learned about Jesus and came to know him as my Savior. I learned how to be like Him and to follow the commandments. I am grateful for the time I spent in Primary as a child and I hope I can help the kids in my ward feel the same way. I pray that God will lead me to be able to bless the children I serve and help them grow testimonies of their own.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st Santa attempt

Emma's school had a Christmas Festival with a $5 5x7 picture with Santa. So we gave it a shot..
Emma loves Santa!Luckily, they also let us take our own pictures. Come to find out, the colors are weird on the one we bought. Unfortunately we have a temperamental camera and the picture with both girls is blurry! Georgia was scared. She clung to my neck, trying not to let me give her to him. But instead of crying when I handed her over, she just held her breath! Not too shabby!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Basketball game

As always, having fun at a Bball game...Emma is constantly searching for Harry Dawg and Spike so she can hug them, talk to them and take a picture with them. After this picture Harry threw her in the air like a cheerleader, she loved it! My brother, Jeremy, and sister, Emily, came to the game with us. Mommy and Emma, our seats are so awesome! Emma being silly, waiting for the game to end!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Emma's Grandparents b-fast

Emma had a great time at her school's Grandparent's day. The kids sang some songs and blessed the food. Emma is 9th from the left, in purple.Sidney was there. He bought her this pumpkin.
Beverly was there also. Emma loved having her grandparents at school. Thanks for coming.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Georgia's first slide

Went to the park with friends today. Beautiful day and lots of fun. Georgia finally smiled when I took her picture.
Then she went down the slide by herself. I was so proud!

1st Georgia Men's Bball game

We took the girls to the first game of the season. Emma loves Spike!
Georgia did really well sitting in her booster seat. She had milk and popcorn to keep her occupied.
Emma also loves Harry Dawg!
I tried to get Georgia to say hi to Harry Dawg and this is the result. She was terrified of both Spike and Harry Dawg. Even when she noticed them far away from her she was scared.