Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you happy?

In an effort to control Emma without beating her bottom, I started teaching her about feelings and telling her that she was "Making Mommy angry" if she was getting close to a spanking. Surprisingly this worked. Unfortunately, she's obsessed with happy. About 100 times a day she asks, "Are you happy, mommy?" Most of the time it is when she is pushing her limits, but today was not.
I planned for her to spend the night with my mom. She is really clingy right now. She wants mommy 24/7. So I wasn't surprised when I told her in the morning she would spend the night with Mama she asked if I was coming and since I wasn't she didn't want to go. I figured she would change her mind when she saw my mom, since Emma really does love her and have fun with her. She still didn't want to go, so we bribed her with McDonald's on the way to Mama's house. That did the trick, she happily packed her bag and jumped into Mama's car. I waved goodbye from the porch so my mom rolled down Emma's window. Emma yelled "Are you happy, Mommy?" My heart broke! Of course I answered "Yes I am happy, have fun!" but then I started thinking, did I have an unhappy look on my face or was she unhappy? I know she had fun and it is good for both of us to have time apart, but I have felt guilty ever since.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Fun time

Friday night we went to Family Fun Night at the ski hill. They had two slides set up for intertubes. You ride up the magic carpet and ride down on a tube it was a blast. Here is Dan, taking one for the team by going to test the waters for the girls.

The first two times Emma and I rode together then they informed us of the rule that you can't ride together, so somehow we convinced Emma to go alone.
Somehow, I caught air every time although I didn't want to, Dan tried everything and he didn't catch air once!
She rode alone three times! I was so proud! Especially after the ski day!Riding the magic carpet up. I fell every time i got on! Klutz!

Emma only made it down once without help because she sat in the bottom of the tube it got stuck the other two times. I think that is why she stopped liking it. It is no fun to get stuck. Dan had to come down and push her the rest of the way!

Dan trying to get his to go fast!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Emma's first ski!

A picture is worth a thousand words...needless to say, she hated it. She cried the whole time. Which was all of ten minutes up the magic carpet and down the bunny slope. Then she cried until we got home! We really wanted her to try and she did it! No one tell her I had the same response my first day skiing!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Sky, Montana vacaction

We spent the second week of March in Big Sky, MT on family vacation. It was a blast. Janene's new home there is amazing, thank you so much for letting us stay there. Emma favorite feature of the house is the saddle bar stools in the kitchen. This is her version of "Ye Haw"!

I didn't get any pictures that do the chairs justice, they are so cool!

Emma with Sierra Friends, Joe and Mandy

Emma posing for a pictures, Steve does this remind you of anyone?

My brother James came along to babysit. He just got home from a mission to San Diego, CA.

Daddy catching up on computer games with no x-box to play! You make this look good honey!

The girls with the blocks that were dumped and picked up at least 100 times!

Emma's new love is playing computers games. Daddy is indulging her addiction!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hot chocolate tea party

Georgia Snow day

A week before we left for our winter vacation in Montana it snowed in Georgia. There were some of the biggest snow flakes I have ever seen! Emma loved it! Sanford hated it! Emma did not like the flakes falling on her face when she was trying to make snow angels.You may ask, Where was Georgia for all of this? Watching from the living room window and crying every time Emma and Daddy walked out of sight!