Wednesday, August 26, 2009

While everyone was at Disney...

Georgia stayed home with Mama when we took Emma to Disney. She still takes 2 naps a day so I don't think she could survive three days of no napping. But don't feel sorry for her, she got to...
Have her toys and baby while she was eatingStay up late
Run around naked
Tease the dog
Dress herself and play with Emma's toys
Crash the school bus
I think she had fun, how about you?

Disney World

We took Emma on a cheep quick trip to Disney world. Georgia stayed with my mom, thank you mama. We drove to Orlando on Tuesday and went to Downtown Disney that night. We ate at Rainforest Cafe. Emma loved finding all of the animals, but she wasn't sure about the rain storms.
Daddy and EmmaMommy & Steve (our friend who got us free Disney tickets, thank you Steve!)
After dinner we looked at a few stores. It was raining. Emma's favorite was the Disney stores.
Wednesday we went to Magic Kingdom. It took forever to get there from our hotel that was 2 miles away!
Emma was so excited to see the Princesses. She really wanted to go inside Cinderella's castle. Now when she looks at our pictures from the trip she says, "You can't go up in the castle, you can only go under it."
Our first ride was Dumbo. Emma hated waiting in line, but she loved the ride.
Emma loved meeting the characters. I have to say they were really wonderful. They took their time talking to each kid, signing thier autograph books, helping them smile for a pretty picture, and giving them a hug when they left. It was great. Emma's favorite princesses are Ariel & Belle.
Next, we rode the Tea Cups. Daddy was spinning us as fast as he could and Emma wanted to go faster. Both Daddy and I thought we were going to throw up. She loved this ride and would have stayed here all day!
When we left the ride, we saw Alice. It was great that Emma dressed like a princess because everyone treated her like a princess. They bowed when she met them and they called her princess.
Emma & Alice
Emma has been on carousels before, but Daddy showed her how to hold her arm in the air. Thanks dad!
Emma liked Its A Small World. She pointed to all of the pretty girl dolls and said, "That's Emma."
She thought Winnie the Pooh was scary, but she liked the surprise party at the end and wanted to stay for a piece of cake!
It really sucks that you can't take your stroller in line at Disney. I understand that it keeps the lines more compact, but this was the only line Emma didn't complain in. I wonder why. She is such a picky eater these days. She only ate the snacks I brought, she wouldn't eat anything we bought her there, except cotton candy and that doesn't really count as food.
Pooh showing respect for the Princess.
Big hugs and smiles with Pooh and Tigger.
Emma and Princess Arora, the line for meeting the pricesses was 30 min. It was definitely worth it.
Emma with Cinderella
Emma with Belle
We were shocked when Emma's favorite ride was Goofy's crazy roller coaster especially since she looks terrified in all of the pictures I took during the ride. Her favorite rides were this roller coaster and the tea cups.
Daddy, Minnie, Emma, Mickey and Mommy
Emma followed this bird around for a while. When she climbed up on the flower bed in the picture a Disney employee asked her to get down...
she started crying and ran back to us. It was nap time and she was probably hungry!
We decided to regroup with some quality time with milk and baby
She looks to little in this picture.
Next we rode on Buzz Lightyear. She really like shooting the gun.
Emma with Stich, even though she didn't know who this character is she was thrilled to meet him.
See ya~
Next we waited in the Fairy line for 75 min~ I have to say it was worth it too becuase Emma loved it. Emma with Rosetta
Emma with Tinkerbell. Dan thinks she was the only attractive character we met. I didn't notice at the time, but looking at the pictures I have agree. Where did they find these people?
Emma with Iredessa
She was so nice
After meeting the fairies, so happy
They have you "fly" into Pixie Hallow to meet the fairies so Emma flew out. Dan had to run down the hall to catch a picture of her flying away.
We played with toys in the gift shop. Emma was so funny she lined up these ponies and lectured them. She wouldn't let anyone come near them~
It was raining when we left so we didn't take any more pictures, but we did a lot of other rides. Shockingly we stayed through the fire works. They were the best fireworks I have ever seen. Emma watched them with her ears covers and between each set she would ask, "Is is over?"
We had a great day. We drove home Thursday. We will probably wait until Georgia is old enough before we go again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emma's First day of Dance class

Emma tried a dance class with a friend last year and she was too scared to go in by herself. So I told her she could take dance class when she was brave enough to go in alone. A year later she told me she was brave enough to do dance class by herself. Luckily her bravery came a week before fall registration for dance classes. We found a studio in Winder called Studio One. She does tap for 1/2 hour and ballet for 1/2 hour. I think Emma's favorite part of starting dance class was getting new shoes and clothes.
Emma is putting her bag away.
Showing mommy her dance moves. Emma hates to have her hair done. Probably because she had no hair for the first three years of her life. But ballet has a rule that your hair has too be out of your face, so at least once a week she has to let me do her hair. Yea!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Georgia has a mullet

But it is all the hair she's got, so I just can't cut it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wake up Sleeping Beauty

So, everyday that Emma has school I have to wake Georgia from her morning nap to pick her up.Its such a rare and precious moment for me to see her sleeping.
But it doesn't last long. As soon as se realizes I am in her room she sits up, like "I'm awake, I'm awake." Although clearly she is still sleepy!